Flexible Working

In March 2020 our way of life was interrupted by the Covid 19 virus and the measures taken to reduce its spread. JRP invested in laptops and set up systems that enabled us to continue working in a flexible way to ensure continuity.

Given the success, JRP have continued to implement this flexible approach since the lockdown ended in 2022. 

The company benefits include: –

  • Reduced travel, which reduces the company’s carbon footprint
  • Retention and attraction of a more skilled and diverse workforce
  • Employees benefit by: –

    • Greater schedule flexibility (work/life balance)
    • Travel time and cost reduced
    • Reduced sickness spread as ill workers can work from home (if well enough)
    • As a result, JRP are committed to this flexible working approach until further notice.

      We therefore kindly ask that enquiries are directed to the contacts below rather than the office number:

      Vikki Sykes

      Laura Mepham

      Lee Brown

      As a company, we will advise clients and colleagues of any future changes.