In March 2020 our way of life was interrupted by the Covid 19 virus and the measures taken to reduce its spread. Hopefully as we head out of this final lockdown, we thought it prudent to reassure our clients and colleagues that JRP have been able to work safely and productively throughout the pandemic and are in a position to continue to do so going forward.

Travel to the office has been reduced to essential visits only and our team are working from home where practical to do so.  We are in regular contact to coordinate visits to the office in order to adhere to current government guidelines.

In order to maintain consistency in terms of quality and efficiency, we are using a variety of software and hardware to enable our team to carry out daily tasks in a safe way.  Our most recent technological upgrade allows us to utilise a touch screen monitor to carry out video conferencing whilst also giving instant access to ad hoc plans and information in real time during a meeting.  So far this has proved to be a very useful tool.

Until further notice, staff will continue to work from home and so will not be contactable through the usual office number. We therefore kindly ask that enquiries are directed to the contacts below:

Vikki Sykes

Laura Mepham

Lee Brown

As a company, we will monitor the ongoing situation and advise clients and colleagues of any future changes.