Landscape Services

Our approach is to integrate landscape with all stages of the design process from site analysis and masterplanning through to detailed design. We create places with a real sense of place where people can live, work and relax, we take inspiration from the surrounding context, the natural environment, the historical context and future users to provide our clients with imaginative yet realistic landscape design solutions. Flood risk, ecology, visual impact, tree preservation and climate change are all issues addressed by Landscape Design and are crucial to the success of our projects at all scales.

Dependent upon the stage of the project, we are able to produce varied levels of service.

Landscape Masterplans

The Landscape Masterplan is a single illustrative drawing which supports the planning layout for the site. It will explain the landscape strategy for assimilating the development into the wider surrounding masterplan and demonstrate how a pleasant environment will be created for residents and users.

Detailed Landscape

The detailed proposals will build upon the Landscape Masterplan, adding the detail of both hard and soft landscape across the site with an emphasis on the key spaces such as entrances, public open spaces and play areas. Soft landscape proposals will include plant species, densities, numbers and specifications on the layout which will have been approved by the LPA through the planning process. This information will usually be provided on a series of drawings at a scale of 1:200 or 1:250. Specification notes will be provided where appropriate covering landscape treatments such as ground preparation, topsoil, plant handling, plant protection and mulching.

Landscape Management Plans are required to sustain an attractive landscape setting to developments, for the long term benefit of occupiers, the public and biodiversity. The submission of a management plan and its implementation is increasingly required as a condition of Planning Permission or the subject of a Planning Agreement.

Sales Areas

When competition is high, garden and home space is key and the vision needs to be sold, it has never been more important to make sure that the sales arena reflects the overall development. This key space needs to be complementary to the surrounding area and resonate with the target audience of buyers. We recognise the importance of working collaboratively with sales departments and understanding the local area to be able to tailor each sales arena to be the best it can be.

3D Perspectives

If you are marketing your site or need to convey your scheme, our impressive imagery can sell your development.  Our 3d visuals help planning departments, local communities and committees appreciate the proposals on a more meaningful level.