Church Fields, Boston Spa

Church Fields is an 8ha site within the conservation area of Boston Spa. 

JRP Associates were appointed in September 2008 and undertook a series of site visits to develop an understanding of the site, its context and the built fabric and structure of Boston Spa. The information gathered by these sites visits was augmented with historical research into the evolution of the town over the past 250 years and combined with experience gained on smaller projects within the immediate geographical area.

The philosophy underpinning this process centred upon invoking a sense of place defined through the spaces between buildings, their heights, textures, forms and solidity. The application of this philosophy would be on a pedestrian scale, connecting the riverbank with the high street in various ways, with subtle but unique detailing of the built form as expressions of individuality that are rarely observed in many modern housing estates.

Project Summary

  • Number of Homes: 153
  • Site Size (ha): 8
  • Net Density: 31 dwellings/ha
  • Range: 2-5 bed
  • Tenure Mix: 70% Private, 30% Private Rent

Key Services

  • Feasibility Sketches
  • Bespoke Dwelling Design
  • Planning Submission
  • Design & Access Statement
  • Expert Design at Witness Appeal