Land at Kingsley Drive, Harrogate

Since the refusal of Persimmon Homes’ application for 217 homes at the site in August of this year (Ref. 19/03497/FULMAJ), they have undertaken a comprehensive review of the development proposals. Working with external architects and consultants, they have significantly amended the scheme to respond to each of the comments made by officers expressed within the committee report and the comments made by members at the planning committee meeting.

A synopsis of the key elements of the amended scheme are as follows: –

The number of homes has been reduced substantially to 181, which is a reduction of 36 homes (a 17% reduction).

The submitted Planning Layout and Landscape Masterplan illustrate that the proposed reduction of homes is as a result of a significant increase in areas of public open space and greenspace within the site. Which now totals 2.1ha and includes: –

• A central greenspace which provides an axis of open space spanning the width of the whole site. Providing a wide/green vista through the development from Leyland Road.

• The central greenspace will include a Locally Equipped Area of Play, alongside segregated footpaths linking Kingsley Drive to the northern boundary of the site.

• The green wedge located on the site’s northern boundary has been widened to create a softer edge to the development, whilst also providing the potential to enhance existing trees and landscaping in this area of the site. Areas of car parking have also been re-located from this edge in order to provide a car-free edge to the scheme.

• An area of greenspace is also provided adjacent to Rydal Road, providing a green link through the site to its northern boundary in this location. This link leads to a wider area of greenspace located on the site’s north-eastern edge. Existing trees and landscaping located in this area will also be enhanced as part of the development.

• Highway verges have been widened through the entire scheme to enable the delivery of a significant number of street-trees, creating tree-lined streets throughout the scheme. Within the central areas of the site, the verges widen to larger areas of green/amenity spaces, which connect to the proposed central ‘stray’ area.

• The new open space and green space areas provide the opportunity to create SuDs drainage features and maximise the site’s biodiversity potential.

As a result of the proposed amendments to the scheme, pedestrians can move through the entire development in a green/tree-lined setting. Which is a unique offer that the new proposals can provide for prospective residents of the site.

There has been an improvement to the parking strategy for the site by ensuring that front of plot parking is broken up by other parking solutions and spaces that will be appropriately landscaped. This has been achieved by removing blocks of terraced housing to enable more side parking.

The Kingsley Drive frontage has been amended to better mirror the existing character of the street-scene. Houses have been pulled away from the street’s edge and parking will be provided to the side of each home. The front of plot planting on Kingsley Drive will consist of a mixture of dwarf walls with hedgerows and trees, to retain and reinforce the character and build line of the existing dwellings opposite.

There has been an introduction of a number of variations to the proposed house types, including the addition of bay windows to the front and side of distinctive plots, in order to provide more corner turning plots and greater variation in design, particularly adjacent to open space areas and other key vistas throughout the site.

The proposed affordable homes are pepper potted throughout the whole site. The affordable dwellings have been re-positioned within the site to avoid large clusters and to ensure the private drives and streets are tenure blind.

All the proposed affordable house types are included in the open market housing mix. Ensuring the proposed homes are indistinguishable in respect of both housing mix (number of bedrooms) and type (flats, bungalows, semi-detached and detached house types).

Three bungalows are included in the housing mix (the Wentwood). These are included in both the open market and affordable housing mix.

25% of the market homes and 100% of the affordable homes will meet the accessible and adaptable requirements of the Building Regulation M4(2) standard. Each of these properties will also be provided with appropriate access for the mobility impaired (as shown on the submitted plans).

All the proposed homes will meet the NDSS minimum internal space standards.

All the proposed homes will meet standard separation distances as a minimum.

All the proposed homes will have acceptable private garden amenity areas.

Details will be submitted as part of the planning application to outline the amendments that will be made to the type and location of boundary treatments, to enhance views of the street-scene from public vistas, and to better delineate public and private spaces throughout the scheme.

The character and surface treatment of the internal highways has also been considered as part of the amended scheme, to improve the character of the development as a whole and to reduce car prominence and vehicle speeds.

An independent Building for a Healthy Life assessment has been included in the Design & Access Statement (DAS). The DAS includes details of the design evolution of the scheme and also consider how the proposed design is compatible with the surrounding area, including how the green infrastructure will integrate this edge of settlement location into the wider countryside.

This website will be updated periodically when Persimmon prepare and submit new details to the Council. Comments can be submitted below and sent directly to the Council through its Public Access planning page.


A copy of the Design and Access Statement can be found on the following link: –

Download Design and Access Statement ()

There will be further opportunity to provide comments to Harrogate Council once the planning application has been submitted and validated however we welcome comments from the community in advance of the formal submission. Contact details on how to provide your comments are provided below.